My dad bought the Riverside County Record News newspaper in 1961 after having worked for the Press Enterprise on their Beacon newspaper which was distributed mainly to March Air Force Base residents. The first two newspapers shown are some of the earliest editions which he published. You might notice that those editions are in tabloid format; it wasn't until 1963 that the page size of the Record/News was increased to the standard newspaper page size of the time, 17" X 22". The banner of the Record/News changed several times over the course of its 60 year existence.

The first banner came from the original owner, then, my dad switched it to the box style when the page size increased in 1963. In the 1980 Christmas edition you can see the newer Record/News banner that was changed when we moved into the new building on Tilton. In the 1985 edition, shown announcing my dad's retirement, the banner was changed by Al McCoombs of the Chino Champion who had purchased the Record/News from my dad. The final iteration of the Record/News banner was drawn by local artist Mike Murphy and commissioned by Dave Barnes to use after he purchased the Record/News from Al McCoombs in 1987. Dave Barnes published the last edition of the Record/News newspaper in the fall of 2018.